IG Followers UK

Social Media Service Provider

IG Followers UK, a Social Media Services provider located in the United Kingdom, aimed to improve its online presence and attract more customers in a highly competitive industry. They needed to showcase their expertise in Social Media Marketing and demonstrate tangible results to potential clients.

The Challenge

IG Followers UK wanted to expand their target audience, which was new territory for them. They needed to be made aware of the SEO differences that occur between different locations. To advertise their social media services, they needed to be made aware of the different platforms. IG Followers UK was keen to focus on a target audience, meaning different strategies had to be put into place.

The Strategy


To improve online visibility, we conducted thorough keyword research and optimized the website's content with relevant keywords. We also focused on local SEO to attract nearby clients.


We developed a content marketing plan that included informative blog posts and social media tips. This content established an authority in the field and provided valuable insights to potential clients.


We implemented analytics tools to track website traffic, user behavior, and lead generation. This allowed us to make data-driven decisions and fine-tune the strategy as needed.